"(...) you will see, looking eastward by evening light, spires and towers of Dolomite overtopping everything, and illuminated when all else is dark. It is a sight both beautiful and mysterious. The rise with such lofty independence of the surrounding scenery, are shattered into shapes so strange, cut the sky with such sharpness of outline, and gleam so unearthly a light, that you are riveted by the spectacle.


(...) That Val Fassa, which lies behind them, how wild and solemn it must be!"


( from "The Dolomite Mountains" , travel diary of J. Gilbert and G.C. Churchill, 1861)

Journeying across an enchanted land, who can charm you with its history, pure air and pristine landscapes: this is the dream of humanity since the dawn of time… and this is what Val di Fassa offers in every season of the year…


With its rocky peaks, so beautiful to become in 2009 a UNESCO world heritage; its magical rocks, the only ones in the world that enclose a remembrance of the sea and show their colors at sunset; its fragrant woods and lovely villages perched on sunny slopes, it is a destination for those seeking soul peace, nature, sports, and ancient local traditions.


Exactly in the middle of the valley, at the feet of the famous Catinaccio – Rosengarten massif and just two steps from the even more celebrated Sella Ronda, sits the Hotel Carpe Diem: a little green building gem, in which love for nature encounters that for hospitality.


Large windows open onto the landscapes create an harmonious dialogue between interior and exterior, local natural materials were chosen for finishes and technological solutions, both in construction and energetic supply, respect the advanced criteria of eco-compatibility.


All this contributes in creating a unique ambient, elegant and refined, in which a new concept of luxury is palpable. A luxury without ostentations, that makes a guest feel pampered, the center of attention and at ease. A luxury that involves all five senses and awakens the emotions.


Because real elegance is sedate, it stems from attention to detail and from the charm a place is able to convey.


Real elegance stems from the story a house tells and form the measure in which it embodies the vitality and character of the people who built it with love.


Massimo and Chiara, fascinated, at first, from the lure of the Dolomites as turists, once naturalized as trentini, decided to let their love for this little corner of paradise, flow into the walls of their home, hoping that their guests would be able to perceive its warm presence.


Hotel Carpe Diem is a founding member of the exclusive product club

"Trentino Charme".

Twelve high standard Maisons, dislocated between Garda lake and Fassa Valley, united by the same passion for the excellence.

The philosophy of the club focuses on respect for the genius loci of the place it belongs to and the wish to satisfy the desires of the guest even before they are expressed.

Charming B&B, villas, relais, historic residences and farmhouses ... twelve enchanting places in which to spend a dream holiday.